We are a venture studio that helps you bring your innovation projects to life by  providing you with access to consulting, talent and funding.

Our mission is to empower people to bring ideas to life.

We are open to giving time, skills and money to launch a new venture with external entrepreneurs or to launch an internal project.

At Once Upon a Time, we are long term thinkers, risk takers but also results oriented and data-driven.

Our culture is unique and is suited for people with an entrepreneurial mindset.

From launch to scale, we are here to help

Ideate & advise

We accelerate startups, through an acceleration program and a startup studio.

Build & automate

We help companies to be more efficient thanks to technology and data.

Market & grow

We help you grow with a tailored content marketing strategy.

Pitch & finance

We do pitch deck advisory and fundraising.

Attract & hire

We help by facilitating the recruitment process for companies.

Our companies

‘’ We are open to give time, skills and money to launch a new venture with external entrepreneurs or to launch an internal project.’’


Startups.camp is a 12 month acceleration program for ambitious B2B startups.

We help entrepreneurs build  sustainable and scalable companies. Our objective of creating strong financial and societal value, thanks to our community of experts and mentors.


Agily helps companies to be more efficient via technology and data.

We are convinced that companies are built around three pillars, product, process and people. We combine strategy, design and technology to support our customers in the development of their businesses.

Potion studio

Potion Studio helps you grow with a tailored content marketing strategy.

The aim of potion studio is to shape brand stories by imagining and creating high value-added content.
We help our clients to extend their brands and create a strong bond with their audiences.

We are here to help our customers build a true organic acquisition machine without spending much time and budget on it.


Angelsquare finances the best startups in seed and series A.

Angelsquare gathers a community of over 600 active investors and connects them with startups looking to raise funds. Together we are building tomorrow’s entrepreneurial success.

Talent Circle

Talent circle is a collaborative recruitment platform. 

It offers companies the opportunity to share candidate profiles which reached the last stage of recruitment but were not taken. It thus facilitates the recruitment process for companies which is often long and expensive by offering only quality profiles. 

Our partners

‘’ We are open to give time, skills and money to launch a new venture with external entrepreneurs or internal project.’’

Stéphane Paillard

After studying at Epitech and ISEG, Stéphane co-founded – with Vincent – Edencia, a venture studio that later became Once Upon A Time. Stéphane is also a very active business angel and he is currently the CEO of Once Upon A Time.

‘’ A great leader commands by example, not by force.’’

Vincent Caggiari

After studying at Epitech and HEC Paris, Vincent co-founded the venture studio Edencia with Stéphane which later gave birth to Once Upon A Time. He is in charge of the R&D and the Engineering part of the group as CTO.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. ”

Timothée Vézy

Timothée is a graduate from EDC Paris and Efrei Paris. In parallel to his studies, he bootstrapped several projects, which allowed him to increase his skills on subjects such as Growth & Automation. After 4 years in the entrepreneurial circuit, he joins Once Upon A Time as Partner and Head of Operation.

‘’ To reportedly double your chances of getting a “Yes” from your requests, say “You are free to accept or refuse.”

Tal Stanislas

Tal is graduated from Kedge Business School. After studying in France, China and Canada, Tal worked for companies such as Schoolab, Clementine and EduPad before launching his own company. At Once Upon A Time, he holds the position of Head of Sales.

‘’ Work is necessary for man. He invented the alarm clock.’’ – Pablo Picasso

Anais Maxin

Anaïs is graduated from the Estienne and Gobelins schools in Paris, she has worked as a designer in R&D at PSA Group and in a digital communication agency. For the past year, Anaïs has been a Partner and Head of product & design at Once Upon A Time.

‘’ Less is more ’’

Our people

‘’ We are driven by ops and product and we love to see our ideas come to life.’’
Stéphane Paillard

Stéphane Paillard

Head of People, Finance and Care
Timothée Vezy

Timothée Vezy

Head of Operations
Tal Stanislas

Tal Stanislas

Head of Sales
Anaïs Maxin

Anaïs Maxin

Head of Product & Design
Vincent Caggiari

Vincent Caggiari

Head of Engineering
Théo Lebarq

Théo Lebarq

Fullstack Developer
Noémie Kempf

Noémie Kempf

Head of Content Marketing
Aurore Augizeau

Aurore Augizeau

Head of Marketing & Communication
Illa Stanislas

Illa Stanislas

Community Builder
Gilles Bourbon

Gilles Bourbon

UX / UI Designer

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‘’ We are open to give time, skills and money to launch a new venture with external entrepreneurs or to launch an internal project.’’

Stephane Paillard, our CEO and Timothée Vézy our COO were guests in the Pennylane podcast – Vous avez dit finance ?

In the podcast, you will learn more about our ecosystem and the organization needed to manage several businesses at the same time.

Moreover, Stephane gives his advice to entrepreneurs who are starting out and Tim gives his best tips in process automation.

Check out the podcast now!


Want to join the ecosystem?

Want to join us ?

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