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[Internship] Growth & Automation 

 Paris 9ème                                6 months




March 26, 2021

Paris 9ème

6 months

Bac +3/4/5

About Agily

We support companies in their development by combining strategy, design and technology. This includes defining a strong brand identity, creating desirable and relevant products for your users, setting up processes to support your growth, implementing a CRM, and/or recruiting a unique talent team…

Our ambition? To help our clients to make the best strategic choices at each stage of their development and to help them optimize the ROI relative to their financial, commercial and growth objectives.

Job description

You, who dream of starting a company, of discovering the excitement of entrepreneurship. You, who have a mindset that sees only opportunities where all others see problems.

Your role with us:

  • 🚀 Growth → Generate the maximum number of qualified leads to increase our CRM and lead gen. You have free rein to use all the tools you need to generate leads. Current stack: Captain Data / Lemlist / Dropcontact / ProspectIn / Zapier. 
You will be in direct contact with Tal, our Head of Sales. The objective: generate as many leads as possible so that they end up with an agenda full of meetings 🤘
  • 🚀 Automation → You will work hand in hand with Timothée, our Head of Ops, to automate internal and external processes to increase the productivity of our teams. 
We love to automate everything as much as possible so your challenge will be to connect as many tools as possible to save us as much time as possible.

Our goal:

Make you become a lead gen machine and allow you to have a complete expertise on the subject. For that you will have a whole bunch of tools to use that I mentioned above! The good news is that we already know these tools very well and we can train you to become a lead gen machine 🔥

The required knowledge :

→ Have an analytical mind
→ Knowledge of tools such as:
→ Zapier
→ Phantombuster
→ Captain Data is a + 🚀

The mindset to grow and succeed within our team:

→ Have an analytical mind, and of synthesis
→ Demonstrate patience and rigor and curiosity
→ Be autonomous
→ Be responsive and proactive
→ Enjoy teamwork

The little extra:

We have all the Hubspot trainings that are the leaders in Inbound Marketing 😉. Oh yeah and also, you won’t work on just one project but at least 3.

Discover your future manager: 

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