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Once Upon A Time


 Paris 9ème                                Full time


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March 26, 2021

Paris 9ème


3 years of experience

About Once Upon A Time 

Once Upon A Time is a very active ecosystem where ideas flow and new business projects are constantly being created. The important point for us is to give everyone involved the opportunity to grow by encouraging them to share their ideas and launch their projects.

We are building an ecosystem where people can grow and develop, an ecosystem of businesses where everyone can learn, test, fail and try again and again. We are building a new kind of ecosystem based on people value and revenue sharing.
We empower people to bring their ideas to life and we are willing to give time, skills and money to start a new business with external entrepreneurs or an internal project.

Our ecosystem already includes 5 companies and new projects are being developed.

Our companies : Agily, Startups.camp, Talent Circle, Potion Studio, Angelsquare

Job description

You, who dream of starting a company, of discovering the excitement of entrepreneurship.

You, who have a mindset that sees only opportunities where all others see problems.       

You, who want to run a company.

Your role with us:

  • 🚀 Launching a company → You will be responsible for launching your business within our ecosystem or becoming the CEO of an existing company 🔥
  • 🚀 Run the company → You will have to do your best to make this company work and become sustainable and with a rapid growth thanks to your business acumen.
  • 🚀 Run your team → As the CEO of the company you will run, you are also Head of People and need to know how to communicate with your team to make them motivated and involved in the project. 💪🏼

Our goal:

We want to give everyone the opportunity to bring their project to life. When we believe in a project, we are making sure that they have the necessary resources available to launch it. 

The required knowledge :

→ To have a technical expertise
→ To have management skills
→ Excellent communication skills
→ Experience and skills in business management
→ Ability to delegate and solve problems quickly

The mindset to grow and succeed within our team:

→ To have a technology-oriented vision
→ To be product and customer-centric
→ To be growth and data-oriented

The little extra:

We have a very large network of entrepreneurs and freelancers who will be able to accompany you in this great project. 🤩


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